Monday, April 15, 2019

An appeal to apolitical voters

- 2019 India Parliamentary Election
2019 Loksaba election is percieved as a battle between two idealogies: Schism (or divisive politics) and National harmony. One party seeks votes with a slogan that only the people of a particular religion can live with fullrights as an Indian. The other party believes in unity in diversity, and voices for peaceful coexistence of all people. So they reject any form of schisms and make an appeal to vote with love. Apart from this, some local fringe parties try to prove their existence by doing some "damash". At this crucial juncture, apolitical voters need to be careful not to waste their votes, with future and development of the nation in mind, they should vote against divisive politics. Keeping the bigger picture of India in mind, transcending religion, race, language and caste boundaries, may your "Hand" press the symbols that can make India shine like a "Sun" in future. Your votes will determine the destiny of the country.
a patriotic Indian.

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